Eric & Kathy Quality Analysts

Kathy introduced me to QA back in the mid-90s and we have been doing it professionally for more than 15 years. We were the first graduates from the QA  certificate program at the University of Washington. We both certified through IIST many years ago. Kathy has been contracting longer, having worked at about a dozen different companies. Eric has only contracted at 3 companies.


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Manual Testing

We are comfortable in an Agile environment, working with a BA and Developer to understand the requirements and document what we will test. We write test cases in Excel or tools like VersionOne, QualityCenter, or HipTest.

Website UI and Fuctionality

Our most common projects focus on testing new functionality of a web application. We can evaluate the UX if changed but usually focus on Use Cases (User Stories) to  ensure proper behavior and results.

Desktop Applications

We still get assignments to test very old desktop of distributed application. Everything from Citrix apps to VisualBasic.


We have tested devices ranging from Point of Sale payment systems to 3D input for CADCAM applications. Although we have studied mobile app design, neither of us has had much opportunity to test a new design as of yet.

Testing Tools

In addition to test case management , we are both proficient with defect management, scrum boards, kanban boards, and Ghantt charts. We use specialty testing tools like SoapUI, IntelliJ, and others.


Although both of us used QuickTest Pro back in the day, today we only use Selenium with a Cucumber or Gage layer above it. Eric used Gage as a behavior driven test methodology for a little over a year, on a daily basis.

Agile Methodologies

We have mostly worked on Scrum teams. Kathy is a certified Scrum master. But we are comfortable with Kanban as well. Some teams are influenced by XP or other flavors.

Continues Improvement

Over the last couple decades we have been involved with many quality improvement methodologies, having success with each. Eric saw tremedous benefits from CMM at Boeing. Most often its a simple Plan Do Check Act model that keeps refining our processes to reduce errors and save time.

My Process

Requirements or Stories

I have worked with a Product Owner to define stories but it is much more common to get them already written by a Business Analyst. My favorite task is create a table of all possible combinations of input/behavior and then meet with the BA, Developer, and Customer to determine which are important to test. Sometimes we apply an orthoginal array to reduce the number of test while covering the risks. Sometimes we use automation to execute them all.

Test Case Review

One story (or Use Case) can require many tests. I usually review the list of tests with the team but don’t go over each test. I do ask questions of the BA or Developer to complete the tests. They often suggest I bring up specific tests to review the approach or limitation to see if anyone has another idea or consern.

Test Execution

I prefer running automated tests from my desk but often it is necissary to test in a lab where physical conditions can be controlled. There is usually a sense of urgency so during this phase of a sprint, we all business and focused. Efficient communication is necissary to clear up any issues that hamper test efforts.


Most sprints start with planning and end with a retro or post mortum. I like the idea of monthly retros as well, just to give the team a chance to discuss what is working well (so we can optimize it) or what could use attention to fix. They should be focused to be time efficient.

Featured Work

Pearson Vue

Most Recent Assignment

Kathy has worked over 2 years at Pearson and is back there again now. Eric worked there for about a year, and loved it.


Hello! I’m Kathy. I test all kinds of systems

I have tested mainframe and midrange systems in the telephone and pharmacy industry. I have tested desktop shrink-wrapp software for consumer graphics products. These days I test both Citrix and web applications. 

  • Web Applications
  • Distributed Systems
  • Desktop and Mobile

About ERIC

Hello! I’m Eric. I prefer usng automation tools to test

I love Agile project management and using Behavior Driven Test Automation. The specific tools and language is not that important as long as tests and stories are reviewed by the three amigos (BA, Dev, and Tester) early and then Dev and Tester work together to ensure the right solution is developed the first time. 

  • Web Applications
  • Distributed Systems
  • Desktop and Mobile

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